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IEMD Graduate Business School - established in Barcelona, Spain is a young dynamic private international business school which only provides executive education particularly Executive Master of Business Administration, Focused Programmes, and Organisational Specific Programmes (OSP). These programmes are private and uphold high academic standards and follow a business oriented and practical approach. Our small scale promotes a community that values learning, collaboration, and sharing. In this environment our participants develop the knowledge, perspective and skills to lead organisations.

Its industrial heritage sets it apart from the other business schools or executive schools in Spain and Europe, which are mostly university-affiliated. IEMD Graduate Business School run like a business, not only as an educational institution, it adopt a relentlessly problem-solving approach to create lasting value and impact. It is a business school run by business people, for business people. IEMD Graduate Business School has no academic hierarchy (all are adjunct professors) and there is no tenure system.

IEMD Graduate Business School knows how important it is to make business and management education accessible. Located in Europe, but an established global player, the Executive Development Centre model was developed so that participants around the world, through local executive development centres, could earn IEMD Executive Master of Business Administration, without leaving their home countries. In addition, IEMD Graduate Business School also developed various collaborations with other renowned universities and business schools on a global scale. In Barcelona, Spain campus, IEMD Graduate Business School is using the small scale setup method to keep it flexible, sustainable and ready for growth.

Approval is granted for IEMD Graduate Business School to be registered in Barcelona, Spain in accordance with the Spanish Law. The name IEMD was originally an acronym for International Institute of Executive and Management Development.


To be the leading international business school in Europe, globally recognised for excellence in executive education.


Developing effective and responsible leaders by creating insightful knowledge and inspiring minds in dialogue with the world around us