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Executive Master of Business Administration (Executive MBA)

This executive programme format within a stipulated time frame of 12 months, is designed to balance senior executives demanding career and personal commitments with intensive study and professional development. It does not require significant blocks of time away from your organisation. The programme develops both hard and soft skills, and provides practical, relevant knowledge to enable you to play a leading role in your organisation. IEMD Graduate Business School re-imagined the Executive MBA to help you maximise significant long-term benefits and place you at the forefront of current trends.

Curriculum Structure

  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Global Marketing and Brand Management
  • Entrepreneurial and Growth Management
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Finance for Decision Making
  • Entrepreneurial Global Ventures
  • Economic Management and Public Policy
  • Strategy and Competition
  • Leadership and Change Management
  • Thesis (15000 words)

Duration of Study

10 Courses + 1 Thesis over the period of 12 months

Total Credits

60 (1800 Notional Learning Hours)

Highlights of Executive MBA

  1. Flexible Programme
  2. Industry Relevant Curriculum
  3. Global Distinguished Faculty
  4. Practical Experiential Learning
  5. Peer Group and Networking
  6. Graduating with a Spanish Executive Qualification
  7. Emphasis on Personal Effectiveness and Leadership

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Series

IEMD Graduate Business School offers Executive MBA participants an ongoing series of talks, panels, and interviews with leading entrepreneurial thought leaders. The mission of the series is to support, encourage, and inspire Executive MBA participants in entrepreneurial pursuits and technology commercialisation.

Medium of Instruction

All teaching is delivered in English, using a collaborative style that means students learn from the experiences of their fellow participants, as well as from faculty.

Learning with Cases

The IEMD Graduate Business School’s Learning Experience uses cases to analyse the business issues which executives and managers face every day - not fictitious scenarios but actual real-world problems. Our commitment to real world knowledge and expertise in the classroom develops extraordinary leaders and extraordinary careers.

Delivery Method

Expert’s Lecture, Group Activities, Group Discussion, Work-Based Activities, Case Study and etc.

Methods of Assessment

Business is not just theory. Neither are our assessments. IEMD Graduate Business School adopt the case-study based assignment approach to assessment instead of exams. All assignments are based on real life practical work experience and assessed by tutors on an ongoing basis. Assessment will be based on a combination of written coursework, discussion contributions and work on a management report. [Executive MBA Grading System]


While individual assignments are required, study groups and teamwork are essential to the Executive MBA experience with many class projects assigned to groups, rather than to individuals. Executive MBA participants typically form groups of five to seven members with diverse academic and/or professional backgrounds. Throughout the programme, Executive MBA participants learn how to work effectively with others, enhance their skills in working as part of a team, and develop personal friendships and life-long networking.

Admission Requirements

  • A minimum of 3 years’ management experience gained after completing a recognised undergraduate degree or equivalent professional qualifications; or
  • A recognised diploma/associate degree or equivalent professional qualifications with a minimum of 5 years’ management experience and a demonstrable record of professional achievement

In addition, two (2) letters of recommendation are required from peers and/or supervisors who know the applicant well, preferably from someone within the applicant’s current and/or previous organisation. The most helpful recommendations demonstrate an awareness of the applicant’s management potential.

Professional Membership

The standards and rigour of the Executive MBA meets Institute of Administrative Management, UK (IAM) requirements and participants who have completed the Executive MBA will be eligible for IAM membership at the grade of Fellow.


IEMD Graduate Business School Executive MBA programme is validated by Sabi University, France. Sabi University recognises the quality and standards of the Executive MBA delivered and designed by IEMD Graduate Business School as equivalent to its own. In addition to earn an Executive MBA from IEMD Graduate Business School, participants will earn an additional Executive MBA at the same time from Sabi University, which will enhance participants’ value and position participants well to face global challenges.

Dual Executive MBA/MBA Option

IEMD Graduate Business School continuously explores strategic affiliation opportunities with other renowned universities on a global scale. We offer IEMD Graduate Business School participants the opportunity of obtaining Dual Executive MBA/MBA. In addition to earn an Executive MBA from IEMD Graduate Business School, participants may earn an additional MBA at the same time from Southwest State University, Russian Federation under the Department of International Education Activities, reducing the time and the credits required to complete them. Separate admission to both programmes is required.

Credit Transfer and Exemptions

Graduates of the Executive MBA from IEMD Graduate Business School can be given credit transfer up to 30% into the following postgraduate programmes offered by Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, Malaysia

  • MSc. In Global Marketing Management
  • Master of Business Administration (Euro Asia Business)
  • Master of Business Administration

Participants who have completed the Executive MBA from IEMD Graduate Business School can earn the Master of Business Administration awarded by Binary University of Management and Entrepreneurship, Malaysia by completing one semester top up comprising 3 taught modules and final thesis.

Progression Routes – Doctoral Studies

Southwest State University, Russian Federation (Doctor of Business Administration)
SABI University, France (Doctor of Business Administration)
Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, Malaysia (PhD in Management)
Binary University of Management and Entrepreneurship, Malaysia (Doctor of Business Administration and PhD in Management)