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Organisational Specific Programmes (OSP)

Learning Programmes and Experiences That Impact Organisations and Individuals

IEMD Graduate Business School’s Organisational Specific Programmes (OSP) are designed to meet the specific development needs of your organisation, applying our expertise to your unique objectives. Our programmes provide powerful tools for facilitating meaningful organisational change in important areas such as: improving strategy development and implementation processes, creating a high-performance culture, managing growth and innovation, and developing leadership capabilities. Our Organisation Specific Programmes are flexible. They are developed and delivered on your timeline at the location of your choice. Many organisations prefer that programmes be delivered at their own facilities, or an off-site location of their choice. Technology enabled solutions allowing participants to learn in the virtual classroom are also an option.

OSP Process

Listening and Vision Development

Your Organisational Specific Programmes begins with our fully engaged faculty, who work closely with your executive team to:
  • Map out your needs and potential roadblocks
  • Identify key players to engage in the programme
  • Identify the sponsor or manager's stake in the programme
  • Pinpoint what success will look like, and how it will shape your vision

Design and Delivery

With our Organisational Specific Programmes, your team is an integral part of the design process, which in turn becomes the map to your collective vision. It is an interactive, constantly evolving process that allows us to determine the most effective tailored programme for your organisation. When delivery time arrives, our faculty empowers your leaders to step in at crucial moments to drive conversations and own the success of the programme where appropriate.

Evaluation and Results

In-depth and objective evaluation throughout the process helps us determine effectiveness of the programme as well as areas for improvement, and we enlist your help in gauging success on your terms.